imagRajesh Pandit is a young professional Anchor, Actor, RJ, Radio Presenter and Voice-over artist, who has lent his voice to various commercial projects. Known for his strong vocal abilities, his voice-over talent is as impressive as he takes crowd on a rollercoaster ride with his imitable idioms and his very own sher-o-shayari, as people from industry says .... Rajesh ka hain Andaaz-e-bayan kucch aur.

He has done more than 2500 shows throughout India & Abroad in the past 15 years.

Hosting an event is an art, as to whom you are interacting you do not know his/her mood and the best man can only have the ability to change the mood towards his voice, towards the event.

Rajesh Pandit, started his career with All India Radio, his delightful voice has charmed thousands of radio audiences for more than a decade and a half. Rajesh Pandit, a highly well-known Radio Presenter, associated with the All India Radio. He has an immense fan following specially those who love Ghazal’s.

Later he started hosting various evenings-events like corporate events / star night or a spiritual programms became everyday life, Rajesh Pandit is the name people bank upon, he is a trained and versatile Voice Artiste be it Voice-Over/Dubbing/Anchoring.

At a time when hosts use English or Hinglish as the main lingo to interact with the crowd, Rajesh with his own style focusing majorly on Hindi force all those who are listening him to listen him maximum, there are people who host so many events with well written scripts and write-ups

Rajesh Pandit use his own style to connect with the generation, a voice artiste with command over Hindi,Bhojpuri, English, Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali, Assamese, Haryanvi & Rajasthani

Rajesh comes as a welcome breath of fresh air. Not willing to neglect his spiritual side, he is a firm follower of SAIBABA. And he leads a fairly comfortable life in New Delhi/Mumbai.

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